Why not build a website?

Why not build a website?    I do not have the skills! It is easy to see why you might think that, it is easy to believe that web development is difficult. There are many technologies in use that are complicated, and often websites are built from … [Read more]

Adding Widgets to WordPress

  What are Widgets? Widgets are small applications that individually have limited functionality, but together allow you to add all manner of content to your site. Widgets fit into predefined ‘Widget areas’ according to the layout of the … [Read more]

How to install WordPress plugins

  What are Plugins? Plugins are pieces of software code that enable an application or program to do something it couldn’t by itself, and they can enable a massive range of enhancements to your website. There is a huge range of Plugins that will … [Read more]

How to install a wordpress theme

WordPress Themes A theme is incredibly easy to install and controls the layout of the blog or website. Your WordPress framework comes with a default theme which you can change whenever you like. With themes we can take a basic WordPress setup and … [Read more]